West Virginia COML

The purpose of the West Virginia Specific Communications Unit Leader (WV COML) program is to train communications personnel to be better prepared to manage communications assets & activities during an event or disaster, with a specific emphasis on the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN) and other communications equipment and resources available.

Who Should Attend?

Public safety communications experts involved in any of the following activities:
  • Developing plans for effective use of existing incident communications & facilities.
  • Managing the distribution of communications equipment to incident personnel.
  • Coordinating the installation and testing of communications equipment.

 Benefits to the agency

  • Having communications personnel trained on how to be prepared to better manage communications assets and resources during disasters and large events.
  • Having communications personnel with proper knowledge to train administrators and incident commanders to better equip them for future disasters & large events.


**Note:  Students who successfully complete the WV COML course are recognized as COML personnel within the State of West Virginia.  This is not the same recognition afforded students who complete the federal COML course.

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