How to become a SIRN Programmer

The First Step

The first step programmer candidates must complete the Programmer Candidate Application Packet which is available by clicking the following link:

Once the application packet has been filled out in its entirety, candidates can submit the packet via e-mail by scanning the packet and e-mailing to RC Faulk or postal mail the application to the following address:

         West Virginia Statewide Interoperable Radio Network
         Attn: Assistant SWIC RC Faulk

         1703 Coonskin Drive

Charleston, WV 25311

The Second Step

Once the candidate has submitted the application it will be reviewed for completeness and all necessary information.  If any information is incomplete or additional information is required, the candidate will be contacted.  Once the initial application is reviewed for completeness, the application will be submitted to the West Virginia State Police for a criminal records inquiry.  The results of the inquiry will be reviewed and noted on the application when returned.  Should the applicant’s criminal records inquiry prove to be unacceptable, said applicant shall be notified of same.

The Third Step 

Once the SIRN receives the positive results of the applicant's criminal records inquiry, the programmer candidate will receive notification from SIRN of a favorable background check at which time the programmer is authorized to obtain training and SIRN System Keys for the radios they are receiving training for.  SIRN programmer training shall only be conducted by approved SIRN Programmer Trainers, who will utilize the SIEC's approved training curriculum for each radio.  SIRN programmers are to receive training on all radios (manufacturers and models) they desire to be approved to program.  Once training is completed, the completed training form shall be signed off on by the trainer and submitted to SIRN. 

* * * Programming status should not be assumed * * *


Additional Information 

Programmers desiring to be approved as SIRN programmer trainers should complete the SIRN Radio Programmer Trainer Application and submit it to the SIRN.  The application will be presented to the SIEC's Technical Committee for consideration, and the applicant will be notified of the results of the review.

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