SIRN Training

The Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN) in conjunction with the Statewide Interoperable Executive Committee (SIEC) provides many training opportunities to SIRN users.  SIRN training is conducted in association with the Training, Education, and Outreach Committee of the SIEC.


SIRN offers programming courses for the most of the approved manufacturer equipment.  The programming courses are for new programmer students as well as current programmers who are seeking recertification.


SIRN is also proud to offer two West Virginia "state specific" courses, the West Virginia Communication Unit Leader (WV COML) and the West Virginia Auxiliary Emergency Communications (WV AUXCOMM) courses.  West Virginia is the only state in the nation that has taken the National COML and AUXCOMM course material and customized and modified them to be specific to public safety emergency communications for West Virginia.


For training questions or for additional informaiton, contact the Training, Education, Outreach Chairman RC Faulk at 304.380.1047.


Training links are available by clicking one of the following links or using your mouse and hovering over the "TRAINING" tab in the black bar at the top of the site:


Edited:  20181231RCF